We want your project to succeed.

Approximately 70% of Hardware projects never come out*.
Of which 50% fail because of poor engineering**.

Our happy clients:

Tag Heuer

The best of both worlds

We are passionate about engineering and experts of industrialization. We design and manufacture your electronic systems and sub-assemblies with production constraints in mind at the design phase. So you can save time, money, and stress!

Most of our clients don't bother about technical details. Good news: at Zentek we believe that engineering should be put at the service of the product, and not the other way around. Our goal: to make technology accessible to you.

I have a project but don't know where to start

With your help, we transpose your brief to requirements. Because technical concerns should not be a hindrance to your creativity.

You are in good hands.

Step 1: Engineering

The design is done, I step to market introduction

The hardest part is over! Or is it? Transitioning to "mass production" is complex and too often underestimated.

Let us support you through this crucial step.

Step 2: Manufacturing

None of them,
I have special needs

Sources :
** https://dtusciencepark.com/article/26-million-lost-why-crowdfunded-hardware-projects-fail/

Not all electronics are created equal.

At Zentek, we know you want your project to get to an end fast and right.

But when it comes to market introduction of a product with embedded electronics, all types of problems arise, starting with quality issues. Did you know what production yield can you expect in mass production? It could be as low as 70%. That means 30% of your production is LOST!

If you experience this situation, your product probably needs a redesign. And we know how frustrating it is to have to start from scratch, again.

Fortunately, an experienced team can anticipate most of those issues. At Zentek, we take industrial constraints into account right from the design phase. We manufacture prototypes and thoroughly validate their operation and performances in various conditions. Then we define a testing strategy based on your production volume.
You finally get a product that is thought for real life!

What if you freed yourself from unsatisfied customers to concentrate on delivering more products?

Watch your back with a reliable product.

Trust Zentek for the design and manufacturing of your electronic systems.