Mass production

Solutions tailored to your volumes, that meet your target cost and quality requirements.


Thanks to a careful inspection, we ensure that your design is ready for production. To skip this step, let us also take care of the design !


We supply all the elements needed for a hassle-free production: circuits, components, accessories.


We entrust assembly to one of our partners, chosen according to your needs: lead time and responsiveness, quality, cost.


We work with you to define the quality strategy to be applied to your products, and then develop the tools needed to meet your goals.

Service "à la carte"

Panelized printed circuit boards

Naked circuits (PCB)

We can supply non-equipped printed circuit boards, either individually or in panels. Handy when you've already identified your assembler.

If necessary, we'll suggest a Design for Manufacturing review before the product goes into production.

Components assembly

Manual or automatic assembly? Leaded or lead-free soldering? Wave or reflow?
No need to try to answer these questions: we analyze your design and recommend the most appropriate industrial approach.

If necessary, we'll suggest a Design for Assembly review before the product goes into production.

X-ray imaging of an electronic circuit

Search for replacement parts

On occasion, certain components are difficult, or even impossible to source.

We look for alternatives, qualify them and help you make the right decisions.

In-circuit testers

Semi-automated testing

A good product is first and foremost one that works! There's nothing like quality control to guarantee it.

Unit testing? Performance testing? Functional testing? Random or systematic enforcement? We'll help you specify and execute test procedures that best suit your requirements.
Test equipment are also very useful for after-sales service!

If necessary, we'll suggest a Design for Test review before the creation of the test tools.

Map of French sub-contractors

Committed to Made in France

We work with all manufacturers, both in France and abroad.

Whenever possible, or whenever you request it, we're happy to call on our French partners! By the way, there may be one near you...

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Start your production with peace of mind.

Trust Zentek for the design and manufacturing of your electronic systems.